Brass Tacks

Well, it’s getting down to the brass tacks. I’m trying to finalize a decision on a donor and I have a phone conference with the money person at the clinic. Getting ready to write some very hefty checks. Doing that is making it “real”. It is also giving me ummm cold feet. Just a mild case, mind you. I keep weighing the risks. If this doesn’t work, it could break me. Emotionally, mentally, financially..,.every possible way. Is it worth the risk? 100% YES! I have little nagging doubts every day but if nothing comes of this I want to know for certain that I did everything possible to achieve my little bit of something wonderful.

Choosing a donor is very daunting. Funny because although I spent plenty of time looking at sperm donor profiles, I did not fret or feel near as much uncertainty as I have with the egg donor. I have spent many hours studying the few profiles available to me, looking for just the right one. All the women are beautiful and the fact that they are donors makes them beautiful on the inside as well. I would love for my child to have that kind of giving spirit. I keep telling myself that I really can’t go wrong.

In Olympic news:

I believe this is the hottest thing on skates!

I cannot wait to see Evan Lysacek beat the Russian tomorrow night in figure skating!



3 comments on “Brass Tacks

  1. Best of luck hon, and it helped me to just focus on the quality of the eggs – doesn't matter how good she matches your eyes if her eggs are crap! So I'd really recommend a proven donor (someone who has given before -successfully- or has their own natural children) even if they cost more. My first donor looked great on paper – and there weren't many choices – but she didn't produce well at all, apparently she may have trouble trying to conceive herself! Poor thing.Best of luck – and thanks for your support on my blog.

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