Pudding Pie

DollFace spent the night with me last night and we had a great time making pudding pies from individual graham cracker crusts and pudding.

And of course some whipped cream!

They might not be the prettiest desserts but they were DELISH and we had fun making them.

This morning we had some fireworks when I tried to turn on a lamp. Sparks popping everywhere and a burned up bulb. I’ve never seen a bulb blackened and burned like that. No harm done but a little scary.

Stretch chose to go shopping with a friend rather than spending the night with her old Aunt Paige. It wasn’t very many years ago she used to beg to sleepover at my house and we always had so much fun. I understand that she’s entering that preteen phase but I miss her.
I weighed in this morning and found I had stayed the same. If becoming more healthy for a possible pregnancy doesn’t motivate me to lose weight, what ever will? I know I ate more sweets than I should have this week and went out to eat more than usual because of being at the conference. MUST do better this week.
After DollFace went home, I got Chinese food and spent a glum afternoon. I’m really having a problem keeping a good attitude on Sundays. I really need to have a plan in place and make sure I get to church.

8 comments on “Pudding Pie

  1. She is too cute!like Samantha said maintaining is just as good as losing! Keep motivated & a good attitude! Don't get down about yourself!! YOU can do this!!ICLW #151

  2. You know what…I used to be the Good Aunt too. Now they'd rather play video games. I love being the aunt to make messes…buy loud obnoxious presents… 🙂 HAPPY ICLW!!!

  3. How fun! I guess you have to live it up while they are little, sorry Stretch is more into shopping now, but someday she'll come around again. Weight is my agony too – at least with all the stuff going on you didn't gain! I find it really hard to not overeat when I'm home (like on a Sunday) so I try to have a plan to go out every day. Even if it is to the recycling center! Seems like that helps structure my day enough so I don't just eat from boredom. Of course, that is my fabulous advice that hasn't actually resulted in any weight loss! Good luck!

  4. Looks like the perfect activity for my nieces and nephew next weekend when they visit! I'm so glad I found you…we seem to have a lot in common. I teach 5th grade, but have my Master's in Literacy. I, too, would love to be a Reading Specialist. Best of luck to you!ICLW #141

  5. Looks like fun :-).Hope you succeed in you goal to loose weight (but I agree with above commenters that maintaing weight is almost as good as loosing it!).

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