First Day of Spring Break

I expected a loss when I stepped on the scale this week. Ok, nutrition hasn’t been perfect, but when is it ever perfect? I thought I’d done pretty well overall. Again, I have stayed the same. Again! I’m getting frustrated and I want to quit. If I’m not going to lose weight I may as well eat what I want and not have the hassle of tracking.

Sigh….I’m NOT going to quit, though. At my size, I know I can never stop trying. I’m hoping it might be partially the birth control, partially PMS and partially some chub turning to muscle.

My hair stylist is studying kinesiology and hopes to be a personal trainer someday. I call her my faux trainer. She has advised me to eat more protein and fiber and cut back on carbs and continue exercising. That’s pretty much what she always advises me to do. Guess that’s what I’ll try to do, just like I always do.

She also gave me this fab ‘do

And folks, when I say the color is red, it is RED! Red like a crayon is red. The pic is bright but doesn’t really show how very bright. Makes me feel pretty darn HOT!

I purchased a replacement for my dying computer:

A middle of the road Dell. My first laptop. Thank God for 18 months free financing. It’s barely out of the box and I’m still relying on my old pc for now, but looking forward to the freedom of a laptop.

I’ve read so much about acupuncture and infertility I thought I’d look into it. I NEVER thought there would be a practitioner in my small town. I just knew I’d have to trek into St. Louis for something like that, but I was wrong. There are a few in my town and one is a country girl who grew up out here in the sticks and was a schoolmate of my dad’s. I guess I was far out of line when I pictured the wizened older woman of Asian ancestry. I’m going to make some calls next week and check into it. May as well give myself every advantage that I can.


5 comments on “First Day of Spring Break

  1. I LOOOOOOOVE the hair cut and color!!! During the summer my hair gets redISH and I love it! Also, you're going to love the laptop, however it keeps me from getting a lot done because I'm alway one mine!And with the weight loss, again- congrats on maintaining! I promise, that is an accomplishment in itself!

  2. The hair cut and color are fabulous. Love it. Maintaining weight is still good. It's so damn hard to lose. As far as diet goes, I had been trying to stick to the diet my doc recommended before I cancelled my cycle. He had a diet that he liked his patients to follow that was basically none of the "bad" carbs. Sounded easy in theory but not so much in practice. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you.

  3. I'm sorry you haven't had any weight loss, I totally know the feeling of sheer defeat. But unlike you.. I just gave up. I hope you're able to carry on.Your hair looks AMAZING! It looks fantastic on you. So sorry to hear about your dying computer… ours died a year almost ago. It was devistating. Happy ICLW!

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