Little Kids, Little Cows

Summer school began today. I’ve had two days of hard work setting up my classroom and helping my teammates set up theirs’. We were ready today when the kids came. I’d forgotten what cute, sweet kids kindergartners are. I got my classroom training wheels out and I think I did pretty good considering I’ve been out of the classroom for two years. I’m team teaching with a gal who has taught third grade and will now teach first in the fall. It was fun to see her learning and growing as a teacher. She will be ready for the fall.

We have an unusual arrival on our farm. My dad’s dairy cows are black and white Holsteins. We’ve always had black and white cows, I don’t remember ever seeing another type on the place. Last week this little guy was born.

A “red” and white Holstein! He caused quite the excitement around the place. Dad says it’s just a recessive gene trait that pops up from time to time, although we haven’t had one on our farm in many years.

So this little guy doesn’t look like his mom or dad.

I had to wonder…..was it a donor egg?


6 comments on “Little Kids, Little Cows

  1. True story!So as you know I'm a 911 dispatcher and we get loose livestock calls ALL THE TIME due to how rural we are. I had never been around livestock other than a petting zoo or anything and this is how the call went one day about a year ago…Man: Yes, there are 3 Holsteins out on FM123 at Main StMe: We'll get someone out there to get those put up. Sir, did you happen to notice what color they were?Man: Ma'am… I said they're holsteins- they are black and white!I didn't know! I told my husband (who has told everyone he knows) and I have never seen someone laugh so hard. Poor man calling 911 was probably wondering where in the world I grew up. I can now tell you the difference between holsteins, herfords, angus, charolais… anything :DFeel free to share the story with the farm!

  2. How long does summer school last? I hope you have a fun summer teaching the little kindergartners, I love that age.And the new little guy is definitely a cutie!

  3. How adorable! I am a cow-fanatic! I have tons of cow-themed nick-nacks & unusual cow items that I just love! I even had a Holstein named for me by a friends family!Glad to hear summer school is starting off well.

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