22 eggs retrieved
22 eggs fertilized!!

Thank you from all of my heart to my beautiful, lovely donor. I could not have asked for better results. You did your part, now time for me to do mine.

I’m so very happy and excited right now!

Grow, embies, grow….stay warm and grow, I’m coming!


16 comments on “Eggs!

  1. SHUT UP!!!!!! That is so freaking awesome!! You have 22 embabies! Paige, that is beautiful. I am so happy for you that you got your report and it is great!! Let's hope this means you have nothing but much more good news to come. I'm so happy for you! I wish I had someone to tell this to!

  2. Holy chicken, that's amazing! 22 eggies – and ALL of them fertilized???? You have enough for now AND later when you're ready for another!!! It's about time you got some good news! Yay!

  3. OMG wow, 22! Wonderful! Fantastic! Now grow embies, grow grow!And.. if I'm not mistaken, today is also your birthday, so a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!(and if I'm wrong, then.. well happy unbirthday 🙂 )

  4. I'm so glad that the donor was able to do such a great job for you and now I will pray for you and your little embies, unless I finish reading today and find out it's a little one that I can pray for as well 🙂

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