Staff Meeting

Oh boy, I was getting nervous toward the end of the meeting when I knew my time to tell everyone about Sweet Pea was getting close. My heart was just pounding! I could see the few people I told around the room and I could tell they were each about to burst too.

I tried to make a little joke, “The rumors are true, I drank the water here at school and now I’m 10 weeks pregnant.”

Clapping, cheering, hugging, screaming, disbelief, questions. Wonderful. Just a delightful and heart-warming experience.

I think everyone, at least once in their life, should have a chance to have a group of people yell and cheer and be happy for them. I was all smiles and laughter at the time but right now, writing about it, I’m a little verclempt.

Afterwards, I went to Pi with LP and JH, the two friends from school that were just about the first to know a few weeks ago. Felt like things had come full circle.

I love being pregnant.


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