I just read that the baby is peeing. Inside me. Right now.
Nevermind the hair that’s growing or the fingernails.
Or that if it’s a boy my body might be making a tallywacker.

Miracle of life…sure….
But I’m gacked out right now.


11 comments on “Gross

  1. Not only is s/he peeing inside you, s/he breaths that in & swallows it!!! As if you weren't grossed out enough!I actually asked my midwife if this was true & she explained it's not as gross as it sounds…I beg to differ!! πŸ™‚

  2. Ahahahahaha I never even considered that babies in utero still need to pee. Oh my. Gross. Haha! I am also concerned about the poop issue. I assume it doesn't because of the umbilical cord but I never knew it peed either so now my whole world is turned upside down πŸ™‚

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