E’s Moving Day

Just home from helping E and C move. I’ve never seen such a clusterf#$ck in my life. Although they have known for 4 months that they were moving neither of them have done a thing to prepare. The old house looked completely like it was a normal day when we walked in. In other words, it was a wreck. There were a few boxes outside with random crap in them but they looked like they’d been out there awhile and maybe gotten rained on. There were about a dozen boxes available to move a family of 4. C kept wanting to throw out valuable stuff (Limoges plate because it had a crayon mark on it) and keep trash (almost empty bottles of toiletries). I about choked when I saw old, delicate and treasured items from my late Aunt Alys just thrown in boxes with pots and pans, old bills, medicine, jewelry. I tell you I’ve never seen anything like it. You would think they were being evicted and had to get out in one day. Lot’s of chaos and no organization or preparation at all.

I tried to take charge of packing the kitchen in my 4 alloted boxes. I had to run the dishwasher and scrub up some dirty pans. I made two trips over to the new house, unpacked the boxes and returned to the old house with the empties to fill them again. Mom packed up some breakables from their secretary cabinet and took them home with her until the dust settles. Mom was extremely annoyed and showed it. It was a difficult situation but I tried to laugh it off. Thank goodness we had eachother to make snarky comments to.

There were more people from C’s trashy family showing up so I said I was headed home. C’s jackass father asked me how the immaculate conception was going. Her stupid know-it-all sister told me to eat a lot of sugar and caffeine before the next ultrasound so the baby would move around a lot. I took home two hampers of dirty clothes to launder and will try to make some sort of meal to bring over there tomorrow. Small things I can do while not actually being over there.

I’m supposed to pick up the girls at 5 and take them to see Secretariat and then keep them overnight so that C doesn’t have to worry about having their beds ready tonight. But their cousin and Stretch’s friend is over there now and I’m thinking they won’t want to go. I wish I was the type of person who would take all those children to the movies, but I’m not. I have a feeling I’ll get over there and C will find some excuse for them not to go. Grrr….

I want to thank you blog family for being out there in the blogosphere for me. The whole time I was over there I kept thinking, “The blog is really going to hear about THIS when I get home.” So nice to have this outlet.

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12 comments on “E’s Moving Day

  1. Thank goodness you were there to help them! Oh my lord, what crazy in-laws…you are such a good aunt to Dollface and Stretch. Glad you and your mom could crack jokes about the sh**show that was the move. Have fun tonight!

  2. Glad to be here to vent to 🙂 I can't believe the didn't have anything packed! I don't know that I would have been able to help – I might have just walked out upon seeing the house in normal state. You're a much better sister than I would be. Good thing I'm an only child 😉

  3. Wow you are a Saint Paige!!!! I would have ripped hime/her a new one (thus why you still have a relationship with your brother and I do not with my sister!) Mighty nice gestures on your part, taking the kiddies and keeping them, bringing dinner, all very thoughtful and sweet.

  4. Oh my. Sounds like a nightmare. I've done I think one move like that and God bless my friends for helping without much complaint. I've also helped on friend move like that and while I helped her I also threw a lot of stuff out etc. I hope they get all moved and I hope you have fun with the kids.

  5. As battynurse said, what a nightmare! I can't believe you helped as much as you did, and are willing to continue to help them out with cooking and laundry! You are a much nicer person than they deserve. 🙂

  6. Wow! I'm a planner so it annoys me to no end when other people don't think ahead… especially when they are receiving help from others. I would have been mortified if I had people helping me and things were in such disarray. I know you do this because you are a good person… but I do fear that when the time comes that you need help and support (when the baby arrives) you may not get the same level of support as you give… It just doesn't sound like C is wired that way.

  7. Ugh, the stupid comments about how we conceive never end. My friend's stepdad still threatens to 'hide all the turkey basters' when I come over. Whatever. He doesn't pay my bills and. He's not in my kids' lives. You are waaaay more tolerant than I am of such crap.

  8. Your S-I-L sounds like mine! I helped once when they moved & had to pack a zillion things…she then had the nerve to complain & mock me for how I packed the stuff!! That was the last time I offered to help them move!

  9. You are an angel! I would have likely seen the fiasco, thrown my hands in the air and said I wouldn't help if they couldn't do a thing to help themselves. How ridiculous. Like I said, you are an angel. And don't listen to that bitch about caffeine and the immaculaute conception. Some people just have no tact.

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