Brunch with my yayas this morning. Can life get any better? We haven’t been together in a big group like this since March when I was still hurting so much and hiding it as well as a closet full of IVF/donor egg secrets. It was so beautiful to be with them today, pregnant and so very happy and so myself. Great to physically see everyone and catch up. And of course I had to tell them of the recent events. All I can say is that I felt so much protective love for me and Sweet Pea. Also, I’m very glad none of these ladies know how to handle a gun.

E’s birthday today. We didn’t do anything special to celebrate but I did take a gift over to his house. He was staining the entertainment center he’d built into the living room. He loves to read about the lives of interesting historical figures so I got him the autobiography of Mark Twain. The gigantic first volume. When I got it in the mail, I thought I’d accidentally ordered the large print version. I told him if he liked it I would get him the next volume in a year or two when he finished the first.


5 comments on “Brunch

  1. How very nice to have your yayas all together! I have a bunch in CA and before I left I noticed how hard & rare it was to get us all together a together at the same time…so many schedules….so I really treasured it when it happened. Sounds like the perfect gift choice for E.

  2. Brunch with your Yayas – it sounds wonderful! I just bought that book myself – it's huge, isn't it? I'm not a big autobiography fan, but when I heard that it was just being published now because Mark Twain said he didn't want it published until 100 years after his death, I had to buy it. LOL

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