Sweet Flutters

I’m sure of it now. I’ve been feeling Sweet Pea move around for several days. More and more often now. In the mornings, after I’ve hit snooze and I’m very still and quiet, I sometimes feel the flutters. Or if I’ve been very active and then sit down.

How can I describe this kind of magic?
Like the tiny bubbles in ginger ale,
or fish that nibble at you in a lake
or sweet, sweet butterflies.

There really is a little baby inside me.
I’m really a mother.


15 comments on “Sweet Flutters

  1. Such a sweet feeling!Not to change topic, but I just realized you're over 20 weeks and no word on what sweet pea is. Did I miss an explanation somewhere? Either way, it doesn't change how sweet it is to catch those little moments.

  2. So very sweet, a little flutterfly!!!! I know you have been patiently waiting for this day to arrive, I am thrilled it is finally here and you get to bask in the glory of being a mommy. xoxoxoxox

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