Something felt different when I woke up this morning. Part of me has turned to wood. I’ve hardly cried at all today. I still have so much to go through. Today I must put my sweet baby boy, Greyson P into the ground. He gave me the happiest 20 weeks of my life and I’m so sorry sweet baby that Momma couldn’t keep you safe. I don’t want to think about and can’t picture living on this earth without my son.

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  1. Paige you did keep your baby safe. Please don't believe that you didn't. This was completely beyond your control. I love Greyson's name and I'm praying for you.

  2. The numbness is a normal part of the process. I think it kicks in, just so that you can make it through the day. Don't feel bad about it, it does go away, and the grief comes back as raw and devastating as before.I think every mom that's lost their baby finds SOMETHING to feel guilty about, I know the feeling of being betrayed by my body all too well. I can tell you it's not your fault, (and it really is not your fault), but I know you won't believe it. Eventually, you come to peace with the guilt a little bit, but the underlying guilt is always there to some extent, I think.Thinking of you and your Greyson.

  3. Rest in peace little angel. Paige – I never knew of anyone who was delighted with life and it is so hard to see that you are experiencing such anguish. Never doubt for a moment you did not protect your child – there are things that happen we can not explain and I hate to see you blame yourself. I hope that you are finding strength and I hope you are sharing with your family/yayas how painful and dark it is to live through this so they can give you all the support you need during this time. Sending you lots of love and peace.

  4. What a beautiful name you picked for your son Paigem I just love it. Greyson was blessed with a beautiful momma who's time together was just way to limited.I think you are feeling numb today and this past week must have sucked the life out of you. Paige, this was not your fault…not in anyway shape or form. There is nothing you would have done to harm your sone so don't go second guessing yourself, please.

  5. Grief is completely unpredictable. It can and will vary day in and day out. Just be gentle with yourself. Nothing you did caused this. Please know this. Greyson is a beautiful name. The perfect name for your little angel. May he rest in peace.

  6. What a beautiful name! I am so sorry that this is happening to you. The loss of a child is the most incomprehensible grief ever known. Please know that you did nothing wrong. My prayers are with you and Greyson.

  7. I will say a prayer for your sweet son Greyson. Wish I could bring you food and flowers. I love the name you've given your baby. Please be gentle with yourself because you would have done anything for your baby boy…it's not a failure to protect him if you would have gone to the end of the earth to save him.

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