One Week Ago

One week ago I was pregnant and so very happy. I reveled in the fact that my fairytale dream was coming true.

One week ago I had just shared with the world my joy of finding out I was having a boy. I had stars in my eyes for my sweet baby boy. I was dreaming of cowboy nurseries, toy tractors, fishing and sand boxes.

One week ago, my baby was alive and I foolishly thought we were safe.

Although I don’t understand how I breathe through them, the minutes unbelievably tick away, taking me further and further away from these joyful memories.

There is only unbearable sorrow now.

By tearsandtantrums Posted in grief

6 comments on “One Week Ago

  1. Has it been a whole week already? Wow. You don't even know this lurker, but you have been on my mind, and in my heart every day this week. I don't see your thoughts of safety as foolish… that's just were you were then. Now you are in a different place, not of your choosing. That happy, joyful you is a beautiful part of you, as is the part that grieves so deeply. They are all aspects of your enormous capacity for love.

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