ALL of the Yayas

Holiday gathering with my wonderful Yayas. How I love my Yas and how I especially adore the times when ALL eight of us are together. Here is the sweet, ladylike version of our annual Christmas time photo:

And here is the wild and crazy version where each year we pose as a holiday related item. I’m not really sure how this tradition got started but sadly it was not as a result of imbibing holiday cocktails. This is just how crazy and silly we are normally. I love us:
So many laughs and silliness with my girls today and inside jokes that wouldn’t be understood even if I tried to explain them here. As well as sharing the good and bad stuff that is going on in our lives during “circle time” (Ovaltine! to any of my girls if you’re reading). It was like having a few hours sweet relief from the exhaustion of grieving my pregnancy and my Greyson. How many things make me laugh these days, genuinely laugh? Not many but these girls can do it.

I was thinking about them on the drive home, while the pain came crashing back. How many things do I really enjoy now. I thought about things I used to do and enjoy before losing my baby and not many of them appeal to me now. I do stuff, I pass the time. But very few things can I really say distract me or that I really enjoy now.

Being with these girls is something I can say I really do look forward to and enjoy in these dark times. Thank you, Yas!


8 comments on “ALL of the Yayas

  1. Paige, my dear, sweet friend. If we can give you a couple of hours of relief then we have done our job. You guys have given me relief so many times when I needed it too. Give yourself some time to start enjoying things again. It's only been 3 weeks and the wound is still so very raw.And when the time comes that you do begin to enjoy some things again, please let yourself. Laughing and enjoying something is not forgetting about Greyson or letting his memory go. He'll always be a part of you.Love you- and if you need some company tomorrow, just let me know. ya ya melissa

  2. Paige, honey, I am glad that you have the yayas. They sound like the kind of friends we all need. I think Melissa says it wonderfully when she says that laughing and enjoying something is not forgetting about Greyson. He will always be a part of you. Always thinking of you.

  3. Paige, you are so very lucky to have such sweet, wonderful friends. And eight?! What a fantastic support system you have – for both good times and the very bad. I'm a little jealous of you, I think. 😉

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