Eagle Outing

Two of my best friends are wonderful photographers and wanted to go a nearby lock and dam on the Mississippi to capture images of eagles who come south to escape the ice locked water in the north and feed on the river. We had such a fun time! We saw magnificent bald eagles gliding through the air and floating on ice in the river. The sound of the river lapping at the shore sounded so calming to me. I think I could use a week (or year) of being still and listening to that sound.

And we had so many laughs. Real laughs. MB lost her footing and fell but being the firecracker she is, she was able to laugh in spite of minor ouches. I thought the funny part was that when MC asked if “it” was twisted or broken, meaning her ankle, MB answered that she thought her camera was fine. Funnier still that I stopped to take a pic myself?

You can see brilliant photography of the eagles we saw over here and over there.

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8 comments on “Eagle Outing

  1. Thought it was funny about one friend being worried about a sprained or broken ankle, while the other is worried about something else 😉 I love that sound too. If I need to take a nap, but can't get my restless mind to, well rest, then I turn my nature sounds on to ocean waves (or rain) and it allows me to relax, at least for a little while.Glad you had such a fun time doing something cool and different!

  2. Soaring eagles and the sounds of lapping water – definitely good for the soul.I had to LOL at your friend protecting her camera! When I was on vacation a few years ago, I was walking down some marble stairs to take a picture, and my foot slid out from underneath me. I fell down the stairs, catching myself with my left hand and my butt – I cracked a bone in a my wrist and had HUGE bruises on my butt, but my friends couldn't help but laugh as they watched me, because I kept the hand holding my camera up above my head during the entire fall. Gotta have your priorities.

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