I dreamed last night that my bloggy friend, Kim, went with me to my second embryo transfer. The transfer was preformed by an older, tan skinned doctor with glasses who I’ve never seen before in real life or in my dreams. Dr. AA was not there but as we sat waiting at a table after the transfer, I realize that all the children sitting at the table, doing their homework are Dr. AA’s children. Then, I woke up with a raging headache.

I got sicker and sicker the whole day including chills, body wracking coughing and a fever. Now I have to decide wheather to cancel my appointment with Dr. H and make one with my GP or just go and hope Dr. H will throw me some antibiodics.

Dear Life,

Thank you for kicking me while I’m down.
I hate you today.
Could I please have a break?


Dear Delurkers,

Wonderful!!! Thanks for being brave and delurking for me. There are many others out there. Again I invite you to say hi.


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17 comments on “Sick

  1. Are you kidding me? I'm so sorry you're miserably sick. I hope you're over the crud very soon. And I hope if you aren't, you're taking lots and lots of meds to make you better.

  2. Hi Paige…I am delurking. I started reading your blog around the time of your loss. I was so heartbroken reading about your experince… I did not know what I could possibly say to comfort you. I hope that you are able to embrace life again. Feel better soon. -G

  3. Oh no. That really sucks! Sorry you're sick. I say keep your apt with Dr. H. If he doesn't give you some meds, then call your GP. I really hope you feel better quickly. About the dream…the second part about all the kids doing homework being Dr.AA's sounds like your brain was processing a bit of Friday night's conversation. The first part…interesting. Love you, feel better soon.

  4. I hope you feel better- let me know if you need me to bring over something for you (medicine, movie, chicken soup) and don't push yourself to go to school tomorrow if you're still feeling bad.

  5. Paige, I found your blog through the Lost and Found at the time of your loss. I felt that keeping reading was the only thing I could do to honour Greyson and support you. I hope you feel physically better soon and that your other healing comes day by day. x

  6. You know I would so be there fir your transfer if only we didn't live so far apart!!I wonder who the tan man was? Dreams are so strange that way!Sorry to hear your not feeling way Paige. I hope you see the doctor sooner rather than later and give this bug a big fat FU.

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