Have you noticed that I’ve slowed down on blog writing? A good thing, I think. It must mean that I’m feeling less pain and don’t feel the need as often to release the ugliness of it all into the universe. But really how many different ways can you say you’re broken hearted? Maybe I’ve just run out of adjectives to describe my current state. Maybe I’m sick of writing about the gunky way I feel. I wish I had more in my life to write about other than my dead baby and the pain of losing him.

Snowcalypse here in the Midwest,so no school. The county seems to be shut down and I probably won’t have school for a few days. It’s very hard to keep distracted cooped up alone here. I did a bang up job today, I have to say. Vacuuming, reading, laundry, exercise video, some organizing. Hope I can continue to stay busy even though it all seems meaningless.

By tearsandtantrums Posted in grief

7 comments on “Snowcalypse

  1. "Snowcalypse"- that's great! Way to go on being productive. (can't say that I have been) Those are the mundane activities of life, but not entirely meaningless. The fact that you are acomplishing them means you're still functioning, even if sometimes you're just going through the motions. I'm glad you did a bang up job!

  2. At least you have been productive. I have managed to take some pictures, sit on the recliner, eat, watch movies and update facebook like 20 times. That's been my day. Tomorrow will probably be the same. Why can you and the rest of the yas be my neighbors????

  3. We don't have the snow but we have lots and lots of rain. I need to do some housecleaning, but…. As for writing, write when and what you need to. You know that we'll be here to read and care.

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss 😦 Lovely to join you on this difficult baby journey. While you guys get plenty of snow… we're being hit by floods and cyclones in Oz – mother nature is a busy ( and unpredictable ) woman xo

  5. I bet your snow doesn't turn grey in two hours of settling. Maybe you could have a snow ball fight. Wait for passing folks and hurl a snow ball at them. If they complain, throw another one!! One way of releasing anger and dealing with grief!

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