Still Thinking

I’m still thinking and thinking about what Reiki Lady said. I’ve been looking at all my pictures hard thinking about messages from Greyson.

Picture of the Day:


Picture of the day (Take 2):

16/365 Take 2

Two buddies taking a break from recess.
Which version do you like better?


17 comments on “Still Thinking

  1. I love this one! The look on both of their faces is priceless! I can't decide color or bw, but the composition is awesome.Maybe if this picture is speaking to you, he's letting you know he's with a buddy having fun.

  2. Wow! Again! this is so adorable. Maybe he's telling you that its okay to have a ball with friends, perhaps he is. I love the color one.You really have a natural gift.

  3. I really like the bright colors of the balls they are sitting on — it seems to add a childness to their fairly adult demeanor/body position that is very striking.beautiful photo Paige.

  4. Definitely color! I love that each of the 5 balls is a different color, which is totally lost in the b&w. I'm looking forward to your pictures each day even more now. It just tickles me to death!

  5. Love them both. I think I like the sepia the most if you bumped up the contrast. I love sepia photos, but they sometimes need to contrast added so they don't look muddy. What a great moment you captured!

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