Leclede’s Landing Outing

My photography friends took me on a little photo outing to Leclede’s Landing and the Riverfront in St.Louis. I don’t know how these girls knew what I needed to help me move forward and heal. I’m surprised every day that I’ve taken interest in photography but so grateful they pulled me into this challenge and this new hobby.

Good Times Train
Loved this train for the color and for some reason it reminded me of the opening of that old 70’s show “Good Times”. Which, of course, made us attempt to sing the song.

Eades Bridge
Eades Bridge

Street Corner Clock
Street Corner Clock

Valve thingies on the street.

Brass Number
Brass Number Plate on an old building.

Mardi Gras Aftermath
Marti Gras Aftermath

St. Louis Arch
St. Louis Arch

Penny From Heaven
Penny From Heaven

Found Dime
Dime from Heaven?

A few more pics here:


10 comments on “Leclede’s Landing Outing

  1. Great job! I love the train and clock and the mardi gras leftovers. I had fun with you today and as always, thanks for the conversation and good time.I'm really happy you think this has been good for you- an added bonus!

  2. Love the train! These are great!I so loved spending time with you today. I appreciate how kind and thoughtful you are. I'm so glad I have you as a friend. Thanks a million.

  3. Glad you had a great time and this set has some really fantastic pics!Love the Mardi Gras pic best this time. It just portrays the 'morning after' feeling so well! Takes me back to my crazy Mardi Gras fun when I was a silly young carefree thing.

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