So I just couldn’t bring myself to go to work today. There was no big emotional or physical reason why. I couldn’t drag my butt out of bed, that’s all. I must have been overstimulated by spending the day with the Yas yesterday because I just couldn’t get to sleep last night. I just kept thinking about the good time we’d had and different pictures I’d taken. At about 3:00am I found myself laying there thinking about us wearing those silly mustaches and giggling.. Plus the time change….errggg….I just couldn’t do it today. I guess I’m playing hooky.

Photo of the Day:

I’m sure you all are tired of seeing and hearing about 555 but here it is again in a missed call from my former principal. I have not heard from her since she left our school beyond a sympathetic text message when I lost Greyson. She didn’t leave a message and I can’t imagine what she wants.

By tearsandtantrums Posted in school

3 comments on “Hooky

  1. 555 is ubiquitous it seems! Hope you had a good day playing hookie! Love that you were up still thinking about the pictures and the day. It was pretty stinkin' cool, wasn't it?

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