Happy Birthday Dollface

Happy 6th Birthday, Dollface!
Everytime I see you, you have a new story to tell me about kindergarten and your fabulous teacher or a new song to share. You’ve learned so much in your 5th year, I can’t wait to see what your 6th year brings you.

I took 52 pictures and this sorry specimen was the best of the bunch.


10 comments on “Happy Birthday Dollface

  1. Happy birthday, Dollface!It must be family night on the blogs 🙂 We all have photos of adorable little girls for todays pictures.Low light photos, especially moments like these, are hard to capture. you can use a a flash (but then you lose the ambient light), Slow shutter (stays open longer so more light gets in, but then you get motion blur), High ISO (sensor is more sensitive to light, but then you get noise or grainy photos), or large aperture (hole that lets light in)/small number (small focus area). Sometimes you have to use a combo of these things. The good thing is that you have the memory captured. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to her. That is the beautiful thing about digital cameras is that you can take numerous pictures and then delete the ones that don't turn out well.

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