Reiki Wonderings

I had a fantastic session with Reiki Lady today. I told her all about Greyson sending me 5’s. She said she thought Greyson had been with me and sending me messages for a long time even before he was born. Afterward she said she had the vision of he and I holding hands and he was saying, “Put your 5 in my 5.” She said she thought my uterus was almost ready to try again, the light around it was mostly pink. Not sure what that means but pink must be good. She said there was a dramatic difference in my energy.

I had such wonderful warm images while she was working with me. Pictures of a bright golden moon and the big gold star from my friend’s picture.

Images of Aunt Alys and both my grandmas holding Greyson. They were passing him around and they were all just smiling and smiling.

A big number 5 came to me drawn with many colors of crayon.

Several of my coworkers, students (the naughty ones!) and friends and family members came to me.

Also, the classic image of Jesus that a lot of us grew up with only he was golden and had beautiful gold light radiating around him and from him. His hands were out as if to welcome me.

The images of many babies and children came and stayed with me. At times it was clear I was with two of my children. The other night when my mom wanted to look at Greyson’s pictures she also told me she’d had a vision of me with twins. I mentioned this to Reiki Lady and she said she’d seen it too but didn’t want to scare me by saying anything. Today Mom told me she had that vision while I was still pregnant with Greyson.

It all makes me wonder and wonder.

I mentioned to Reiki Lady that I might be interested in someday volunteering with mothers of stillborn babies in the hospital. She said, “No, that’s not your path. Your path is motherhood.” And she said it with such confidence, as if she was saying, “The sky is blue.”

Big Truck
R and Dad are trucking this week.

My brother who is my hero and does everything for me.

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6 comments on “Reiki Wonderings

  1. Happy you had a good session and that you are hearing positive things about your energy! That's awesome that your brother is your hero! I now see where dollface gets her looks from!

  2. Glad the reiki is going so well, I love that your aunt was holding Greyson in your vision. And I think you are sounding much more "ready" to try again. Love the farm pix, you have such a good eye.

  3. So glad your still doing the Reiki thing, you sound like you are doing well Paige. I hope the images everyone is seeing is true, that would be amazing! I love your images you see during healing, so amazingly surreal. xoxoxox

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