Butterfly Fieldtrip

We took our first grade classes on a fieldtrip to the Butterfly House. Of course there were a lot of photo opportunities:
Butterfly House

Butterfly House

Across the park from the Butterfly House is a beautiful 91 year old carousel:
Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse

But experiencing all of this with my class was delightful(and stressful):

The weather was perfect although the some of the children were not. I’m pleased to say that although my nerves were frazzled and my patience completely gone by the end of the day, we were complemented the Butterfly House staff on our well behaved children. I do love giving experiences like this to the children. Experiencing it with them teaches me much more than it teaches them, I’m sure.

More photos here if you’re interested.


10 comments on “Butterfly Fieldtrip

  1. I can't pick a favorite! Well done.Don't you love real life learning experiences? They are very stressful, but definitely something everybody will remember. glad you could share this with them.P.S. Thanks for the call tonight. and the listening ear. I appriciate it.

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