Tornado Warning

This morning I was laying in bed, like I do most mornings, trying to convince myself that the day was worth starting. Flashing lights outside my window startled me into full wakefulness. I peeked outside to see a firetruck with full lights blazing (but no siren). I also notice something strange about the sky. Although it should have been getting light it was very dim and dark and the sky was that weird green color it gets sometimes out here in the Midwest. Usually a sign of tornadoes or bad storms.

Firefighters in full gear were walking up and down my road looking at the little signs we have by our mailboxes out here in the country with numbers designated for the fire district. Comforting to know they have to stop and search for their destination. Shouldn’t they have GPS or something? After a few minutes, they got in their truck and drove away. I wondered what was going on in the neighborhood but figured everything must be ok since they drove away.

Half hour later, Dad calls and tells me to hurry and get everything I need to done because an electrical transformer has caught on fire down the lane at my cousin’s farm and they are going to shut down our electricity to put it out.

When I left for work, there was a man way up high in a “cherry picker” working at the very top of the electrical pole by my driveway. It was pouring down rain in the driving wind at the time. I really admire those whose job it is to keep us going even in the worst weather. You wouldn’t get me up there for a million dollars.

More bad weather on the way. My cousin just posted on FB that there are “storm chasers” in the closest small town, waiting for tornadoes to hit our area. I guess we’re in the path tonight.



15 comments on “Tornado Warning

  1. Oh no, I hate that you're in a stormy spot. But the photo is fantastic. I also love the 2nd bird photo from the other day. Birds are really difficult but the silhouette one is fantastic. It is so pleasing to know you've got Greyson in such a beautiful place. I really love coming here to see all your photos and I wonder how it's helping you deal with your grief. You seem to be so busy and full of life still that I am in awe. Not that I am silly enough to think you aren't hurting and that you don't struggle with it, but I admire how active you are through it all. ❤

  2. Fantastic photo of the ominous weather!I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. If you haven't already been nominated by someone else, please visit my blog and grab your award. 🙂

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