Stormy Weather

The other night my photo friends and I were talking about how difficult it must be to photograph lightning. Special equipment needed and so on. We had a big storm last night with tons of lightning strikes and I just thought I’d try. I didn’t think I could really do it and joked with my brother that if I did it would be one hell of a fluke and I could just end my photography hobby right then and there.

I know. I’m a BRAT.

More rain today:
Rain 3

Fine with me as it suits my frame of mind.


I received an anonymous Butterfly Bag from Sarah’s Laughter on Thursday. If one of my blogging friends is responsible thank you very much. It means so much to me that people remember Greyson and think of us.

I can feel the family circling closer as our due date approaches. Dad has stopped by everyday since Wednesday. I usually have Easter at my house but the kitchen is still discombobulated from the floor installation and the fact that I just got around to sealing the grout today. Also:
Dad: I’ll cook on Sunday.
Me: It really doesn’t matter. I don’t care.
Dad: I think it does matter. I’m cooking on Sunday.

Mom is really struggling too but stopped by yesterday and had the girls and me over to dye eggs today.

My heart is just so heavy.


15 comments on “Stormy Weather

  1. Your pictures are beautiful. I've always wanted to get lightening. I've never been able to. The background to my blog was a thunderstorm rolling in over a lake and I missed the lightening all the time, but the clouds looked pretty cool!I hope egg dying was good! I did that with my nephews today. Took my mind off of things for a while! Thinking of you!

  2. I think these photos are spectacular! I really love the drain emptying into the pan below with the grass around it. I wish there was something I could do to take some of your burden away. My heart is crying for you and I hope that you know I'm here ready for the tears (or to scrub a toilet, or fix something…tell your Dad I'll lend him a hand).

  3. OMG superfantabulous photos! Shazaam is right! I really love the third pic too. I can't imagine the weight you feel right now, but I am glad that you have so many people that love you and support you. I just wish I could do more to ease the pain. I'll still be off work on monday if you need or want anything.

  4. Paige sweetie, I can only join so many others in expressing my wish that I could take away some of the difficulty. Greyson is definitely remembered. Love you, Nell

  5. Sorry that your heart feels heavy… thinking of you over Easter and heading towards Greyson's due date. Two huge milestones so near each other… love to you always xoxo

  6. Ok I've tried lightening photos a few times and never been successful. That is pretty cool. Thinking of you as this difficult time approaches and sending you many hugs.

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