Ups and Downs



9 comments on “Ups and Downs

  1. Yes…up and down…and such a scenic route, just like we are all taking on our way to motherhood! :-)Thank you for all your kind comments lately – they mean so much to me.I will be thinking of you tomorrow. (Hugs)Love,Maddy

  2. Beautiful picture, Paige- if I felt up to walking today. I'd love to walk down that road. I'm thinking of you on this Mother's Day and wishing it joyful for you. I'm sorry that Greyson is not in your arms, but I know he is still loving you.

  3. A picture surely does say 1000 words and you certainly know how to capture the essence of that. Lots of lve coming your way today Paige. Surround ing you in the light. Xoxoxxo

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