The Windy City

I can’t begin to talk about all the things we’ve seen and done here in the Windy City. Just walking around in Chicago is pretty amazing for this country mouse. Everything is so big and tall! Great architecture of every type everywhere you look. People watching is a feast for the eyes here. And all the food has been fabulous even through a stuffed up head and nose.

First on our agenda was Cloud Gate otherwise known as the Bean. Gave off kind of a weird feeling. Here is this HUGE shiny object in the middle of a park and people are just gravitating toward it. I just wished all those people would move out of my pictures.
Chicago Bean

Breakfast at The Corner Bakery and then off to the Navy Pier. There was lots going on there including Armed Forces Day so there were lots of yummy boys in uniform around. All of them looked young enough to be jailbait but you can’t get put in the pokey just for looking.

We took a neat and very informative boat ride where the guide talked all about Chicago and sang “Get Your Kicks On Route 66”. The entire song. MB got a surprise when a sea gull pooped on her shoulder. We also rode the giant Ferris wheel, fun but kind of scary getting on and off.
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel 5

We saw so many things on Michigan Avenue. Beautiful stores and all kinds of different people, wonderful buildings, a bride and groom running around with their photographer, street performers, homeless people. Scene after scene I wanted to capture with my camera. I had thoughts all day of my other photographer friends and my bro.

Street performers:
Silver Street Performer

A random bride and groom just walkimg around Downtown:
Bride in Chicago

Lunch was a “Cupcake for Courage” on Michigan Avenue:
Cupcake Truck

I’m so happy that my friend, JS, got to visit some of her dream stores and I enjoyed shopping with her especially knowing that I would have missed out on them if she hadn’t wanted to go:
Joi in Heaven 2

And a Chicago style hotdog from a hotdog stand on the Museum Campus which was possibly the best hotdog I’ve ever eaten:
Chicago style hotdog

A very handsome waiter, raspberry mojitos and a fabulous dinner at Carnivale rounded out the evening. Wonderful ambiance, very colorful and artsy decor and Latin music. MB was in her element.

On the taxi ride back to the hotel, JS yet again, made best friends with our driver. He asked her what her nickname for her husband was…and then what her nickname for him during “romantic mood”. He was originally from India with an adorable accent. Our friendliest driver so far. He told her his wife’s nickname for him was “sugar cane” for romantic mood but “dirty naughty” for Sunday mornings. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Actually we’re still laughing about it.


10 comments on “The Windy City

  1. I love these pictures and I just laughed out loud at the cab driver story! I recently just went to Chicago for the first time too, and it was so gorgeous. I wish we'd taken a boat cruise tour and seen some more of the architecture, but it was cold and rainy during half of our trip.

  2. I love Chicago. It's on of my favorite cities. I love just walking the streets people watching. There's so much to see and do. It's been several years since I have been there. I also loved eating at Gino's East Pizza. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  3. I'm so glad you're having such a good time. And that the weather held. I was worried it was going to be rainy and stormy for you and your friends…so glad it's been an enjoyable trip!

  4. Paige- I had sooooooo much fun with you on this trip. You are a wonderful person and an amazing friend! I'm glad we got to experience so much together! Dirty naughty! 🙂

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