Goin’ Bananas

End of year paperwork, packing up and cleaning the classroom, dealing with kids who are already DONE with school and DO NOT listen, coping with Swampbutt and crabby kids in a hot school, making awards and giving them at the awards assembly, dragging school stuff home, wondering what I’ll be teaching next year, counseling appointment, acupuncture appointment, getting car and clothes ready for going out of town, getting blood drawn (4 sticks!), slamming shots into myself, lining check with Dr. AA, obsessively staring at the calendar, trying to get a little exercise.

One week from right now, I’ll be pregnant.

But right now, I’m going bananas!


13 comments on “Goin’ Bananas

  1. Oh that looks so good it's making my mouth water! And good for you to get so much done, sounds like you had a pretty full schedule.

  2. As I am still stuck in the end-of-school Hades, I envy your freedom. If I can only survive through Saturday. I'll be thinking of you through all the tests and procedures, honey. My heart is with you.

  3. Wow. It's a crazy time, huh? OK, hopefully the end of school stuff will slow down a bit for ya. You're out Friday, correct? The trip should be old hat for ya now, because you just took one a couple of weeks ago. MMmmmmm…you better have some more hot chocolate!!!A WEEK FROM NOW YOU'LL BE PREGNANT! That's the news that screamed out at me! Wow. I know you're a nervous wreck, and 10,000 other emotions all at once. I'm here if you need me. I can go to appointments, give massages, buy pickles…you name it you got it. Please take care.

  4. OH My gosh, I dont know which I want more, that banana bread or for your to hurry and be pregnant! Can I have both?! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Pregnant and out of school for summer, sounds like a good deal 🙂 Getting to that point though sounds kinda sucky. Good luck to all that you need it for this week!!!

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