Stretch At School

Too much to do to be thinking about blogging or photos, but here I am taking a few moments to reclaim my sanity in this little corner of the ‘net.

Stretch came with me to school today and was such a big help. She ran and carried for me doing everything I asked without complaining once even in the afternoon when we were all hot and sweaty. She completely won all my kids over. I think a few of them were ready to come home with us by the end of their time with her.

Megan Helping with First Grade


Megan Helping at School


5 comments on “Stretch At School

  1. I can't get over how grown up she is already. How nice of her to be so helpful and its wonderful that she connected with the kids so well. I used to love going to school with my aunt at the end of the year. I hope she does too. PS missed you tonight. Glad your taking the time to do something for your self.

  2. Yay for her helping out! She probably felt so important! : )And…when am I going to be included on these little photo jaunts, ladies???? I'm beginning to think I smell!

  3. Cool! I wish she could come help me with the end of the year stuff at my school! I am so tired. Here's hoping we're both done soon.

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