Gleeful Homecoming

We headed out this morning still laughing and squeeing on a Glee high to the best (and only) breakfast place I know of in the Windy City:

Hot Chocolate in Chicago
I was in heaven with THE BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

Then we got turned around finding downtown Chicago due to a GPS malfunction so we headed home instead after a brief stop at Ikea (JS!). Being a seasoned Chicago visitor, I wasn’t too disappointed for myself at not having time to sightsee but was a little let down for RM as it was her first trip there. She kept smiling though, still on that Glee cloud.

We’ve decided to make it an annual Glee pilgrimage if we can, however, I believe this will remain the unsurpassed jumpstart to summer vacation.

Class? Students? School?
I’m not sure what those are but how ’bout I sing you a song?

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2 comments on “Gleeful Homecoming

  1. Soooooooo jealous of the concert, but most of all that you got some of that delicious heaven in your mouth again! Mmmmm… good times!I hope your friends enjoyed it as much as we did!

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