Anybody else getting so, so, so impatient waiting for my beta day to come??

Can you believe I’ve taken pictures for 124 days? Truthfully, I thought I would have given up by now or at least skipped multiple days. It’s so rewarding to capture the beauty my eyes see even in an old barn door.

Dad and E visiting after milking:


Pretty sure they were talking about farts here:

Eric and Dad

Just love how the latch has worn an arc in the calf barn door:

Calf Barn Door Latch


8 comments on “Photography

  1. I love your photos. You have such a great eye. I also love old farm buildings. There's so much life and character in them. How much longer do we have to wait for that beta again?

  2. Why, yes, yes I am. Are you sure you don't want to POAS just for MY benefit? :)Love your photos. I admire your commitment, and am inspired by it.

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