Sunshine State

Much better today. I really am having a wonderful time but I just had…HAD to unload all that about C. E and I had an excursion on our own and while we were watching the Blue Angels I saw this:


And felt in my heart it was a message from my Sweet Pea.

I’ve developed a strategy for dealing with C. First of all, I try to put some distance between her and I. Second, I make it a point to keep out of conversations as much as possible. Third, it may sound mean but I asked her a question she absolutely could not have an answer for and then watched her fluster around for one of her usual “know it all” answers. I can’t believe how much better doing this made me feel.

We spent the day deep sea fishing and I can’t believe how much negativity I felt being released from me as I rode on that tourist boat, watching the ocean, breathing salt air and feeling sunshine on my face.

Thanks for the support on my horrid post yesterday. Writing that REALLY helped me.


One comment on “Sunshine State

  1. I’m glad you feel Sweetpea with you and I am also glad you are finding ways to deal with C. She really sounds like a pill! Try to relax as much as possible and go home relaxed and ready to begin the new school year. Love you!

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