Zen Fork Sticking

Wonderful day at the beach and napping.
Then off to Jimmy Buffet’s crazy sista’s resturant, Lulu’s.
The kids and C have been talking about this resturant ALL week.
It was a fun place:
Lulu's Fountain

Lulu's Characture

PS….I know I was all zen about C yesterday.
But today I’ve had moments of wanting to stick a fork in her eye.


2 comments on “Zen Fork Sticking

  1. I say stick a fork in her leg, accidentally on purpose. Then give her a look so she knows you did it accidentally on purpose.

    What am I saying? I’d just put up with her and let it drive me about nuts being decent to her. I’m sending you some of my strength and patience, virtually, to get you through the rest of the vacation.

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