I guess after I went to bed last night there was an incident. Mom told me that C and E failed to put their kids to bed sighting that they could stay up as late as they wanted so the would sleep as much as possible on the drive home today. (Mom and I are staying in FL one extra day) Something Mom said was a kid’s show but kind of scary was on tv and when Dollface looked up she got scared and started screaming. C flew out of her bedroom and started screaming at Stretch about how she shouldn’t have let her watch something like that and then she slapped her.

I’m beside myself about this. Just hearing Mom talk about it really made my stomach turn over and want to cry. We were at a resturant at the time so all I could do was listen. And then Mom who had lived with it for a day and “unloaded” on me wants to tralala her way through the rest of the evening.

I feel just horrible for those kids and E too although I realize he’s not totally blameless in all this.

C is just a total bitch who runs her family with heartless inconsistancies and is a mean know-it-all tyrant. Why did my brother have to marry her? I hate her.

I feel helpless. It seems that when me or Mom try to intervene it just makes the situation worse. Or E for that matter. She’s so mean and defensive about things and totally does not realize there is a problem. I’ve witnessed in the past E trying to discipline his own kids or try to set up chores or a routine for them and C just totally cuts him off and she’s usually very mean about it.

Earlier before the slapping incident, Mom had tried to talk to C about how Stretch does not do what she’s asked and that C needed to do something about that. Well, the next time Stretch didn’t do what she was asked, she got screamed at in a hateful tone of voice.

I don’t care what good qualities she has or doesn’t have. I don’t care that she offered to carry a baby for me. I don’t like that she’s part of my family. That we’re stuck with her for life.

I don’t know what to do or if there is anything I can do.


4 comments on “Slapping

  1. That completely and totally sucks! As for what you can do? If you’re willing to rip the family more apart, you could contact Social Services. If despite the fact you don’t like that you’re stuck with C, your best bet is probably continuing to be a great and loving aunt to the girls. Encourage them to come to you, but also hold them to certain expectations when they are with you. You will have to really explain and be firm with the expectations because they have received such mixed signals all their lives. When they’ve had these altercations with their mom, you may have to be the sounding board and then find a way to diplomatically say, “We all screw up sometimes and we really wish mom could handle the situation better.” Then maybe try to help them brainstorm ways they could help the situation. Just my thoughts which are of course always with you.

  2. I think Nell makes many good points. It’s a terrible situation to be in because there really isn’t much to do but be there for the girls. Stay strong.

  3. Those kids are being abused and learning a pattern of abuse that they’ll continue if its not stopped. Although its probably not at the level where social services would get involved, they have to investigate any and all reports. Having a cop and CPS worker knocking on C’s door might shake her up enough to change, but if not, keep at her. Your nieces will know who advocated for them regardless of what C says or does.

  4. Oh, and PS, my own version of the pastor jackass rant is now available for your viewing displeasure! (I finally did it!)

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