Read here for one of many reasons I do not want to celebrate my birthday this year. Only things aren’t the same…..they are….so different.


Maddy, I know you’re on vacation but if you’re reading, Happy 40th to you, my Blogosphere Birthday “sister”.


9 comments on “Different

  1. Paige, I am wishing you a happy birthday tonight since you are a wonderful person: you bring so much joy to your friends, family, students, and coworkers. I'm so sorry that Sweet Pea isn't there with you; Greyson would have adored being with you because you are so loving and awesome. I hope you get to see the Yas soon and that you have some delicious cake and ice cream today. Hugs.

  2. Birthdays after loss are so so hard! I'm still sending you Birthday Wishes, and hope that today was spent with loved ones!The cake looks delicious by the way!

  3. Paige, my dear, I could write many of the items on that list also. I do understand your feelings, BUT I also believe that you DESERVE to be celebrated as you, a very wonderful person, especially after the hellacious year you've had. So I am sending you birthday love and best wishes that this year is different for both of us.

  4. Even if you don't want to celebrate your birthday (and I so understand that – my 39th was about a week after my miscarriage last year), I'm celebrating for you. I'm thankful the world has wonderful people like you, and praying that this year is the year you get to experience all the joys of motherhood with no new sorrows along the way.

  5. I wish I could give you the one present you really want. If anyone deserves it, it's you. Speaking as a YA, even though you might not want to celebrate, I think we should anyway because I want to celebrate YOU. You are such a wonderful person, friend, teacher, daughter. You are so many things to so many people. You're simply amazing.Love ya- and Happy Birthday.

  6. I understand, my friend. I'm in the same boat this weekend. I think, for me, it's more about getting past the birthday. The expectation of the day, and my own unmet expectations of my life, are so much to endure. I hope getting past your birthday brings you peace!!

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