Eight Months

Today marks eight months since my beautiful baby boy was born, my only son, still and silent on December 5th. 

Tomorrow is the one year anniversery of the date I became pregnant.

20 weeks wasn’t enough.

I’m nearly crushed with sadness.  Not a loud, flashy emotion anymore.  Just a deep, serious, crushing meloncholy that fills me.

Manageable I guess, especially if I stay busy.  But the second I’m still…it presses upon me until I can’t breath.

I miss him so.


3 comments on “Eight Months

  1. Oh, sweetie, you will always grieve Greyson. Hopefully some day it will come with less pain. I do not know when that will be, but I do believe it will come. You’re right. Twenty weeks wasn’t enough; you deserved a lifetime with him. Sending you lots of hugs for both of these anniversaries.

  2. I want to say it will get better but those are just words that would make me feel better.

    I was reading ‘The Grief Recovery Handbook’ and while I still haven’t finished it I did think it might be a useful book. It does say that people will tell you to stay busy but that’s not really a helpful treatment because it really just delays recovery.

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