Photographer’s Assistant

So the wedding wasn’t too bad.  I guess I’d worked it up in my head at initially finding out the bride was preggo.  I was very very busy through out most of it and it is a bit nerve wracking in a busy good way to be the photographer’s assistant.   Running around like crazy helping to capture those special moments you  only get one chance at.  Now I know why wedding pictures are so expensive.  It was a lot of work!

It was strange to be at a wedding and totally unattached to either the bride or the groom.  To be in a church and be scrambling to change camera lenses when the preacher says to pray. 

I had many choke up moments but in the next second I was distracted so it never got the better of me.  I noticed I smiled a lot too.  It is good to know that some people get a happy ending.  Not me obviously but some people do.

2 comments on “Photographer’s Assistant

  1. I believe at some point there will be a happy ending for all of us.

    It must be a really interesting way to see a wedding not knowing the bride or groom. Sounds like an interesting thing to have done. Good for you.

  2. I am at a loss as to what to say. As a divorcee who still dreams of her husband after 11 years, I don’t know how much I believe in “happily ever after.” At this point, I’d settle for peacefully ever after or contentedly ever after. Those seem a little more attainable to the cynical side of me.

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