CD 49

I believe it is CD 49.

I know it is day 1 of prov.era.

I’m signed up for an October FET for my two little stragglers.

It should have been a September FET but in order to sign up for one I should have had a period by a certain date and I foolishly thought my body would do what it was supposed to and let go of it’s uterine lining in a timely fashion.  What the frak was I thinking?  That something in this old aged fertility mess I’m in would go smoothly.  HA.

Prov.era takes sooo long. 



4 comments on “CD 49

  1. Sorry things didn’t work smoothly and naturally. (And I can relate; I’m not sure I can even have a new cycle start without chemical intervention anymore.)

    At least the process should be dependable now. And it’s great that you are having a fall transfer. Wishing you the best a thousand times over!!

  2. I’m proud of you for moving forward to the new cycle. It does suck though when our bodies just won’t cooperate, but if they did, most of us would have never “met.” Thinking of you, kiddo!

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