I received a letter marked “confidential” from Dr. HP’s office.   For one wild moment, I thought maybe the office manager had somehow already found an unwanted pregnancy for me even though my real brain knows that’s barely a possibility.  It turned out to be a list of dermatologist referrals I’d asked for.  I felt disproportionately let down.

My friend says I have to keep trying until it feels right to not try.  I told her it wouldn’t feel right until I held my take-home baby in my arms.  

Then I told her to save money to get me out of jail when I “found” one.


2 comments on “Mail

  1. Hopefully neither one us will wind up in jail. Yes, I “eyestalk” babies all the time and tease some of my coworkers about if their kids go missing,,,,,, and have even suggested to some that they have one for me, but so far my sanity is still holding and I know yours is too. Praying that somehow, someway we both have take-home babies soon.

  2. I’ve thought the same thing. There are just so many terrible parents out there.

    I think your friend’s advice is good and I also think your attitude (about it not feeling right until you have a baby) is right as well.

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