It was a treat today to visit another school and observe their reading program.  I learned a lot, got inspired and now have something to aspire too.   The lady who has my job in this school also has 4 assistants.  Since my district is poor, I know I will never have these so somehow realizing this made me also realize, I’m ONE person.  I can do only what I can do and I released myself from some of the pressure I’ve been putting on myself.  The best part is the principal is going to look into hiring a part-time assistant for me.

When we were leaving the school part of the group decided to go out to lunch.  I said I was watching what I ate and would just head back to school.  The principal told me to take my time and if I got back to school at about 1:00, that was ok.  It was 11:30 at the time so I got to go shopping in the middle of the school day!  A treat I’ve never experienced before.

When I got back to school, a few of the teachers said that kids in my pull-out groups missed me and were wondering where I was.  I didn’t think they would even notice since I only have them 30 minutes 2 times a week.  It was a treat to be appreciated.

After school, my brother gave me 100 dollars as the final payment from my neighbor to me for my lawn mower.  Extra cash is always a treat.

I didn’t cry today about being parted from my son.  I still cry nearly every day so this was an emotional relief treat

I think I’m going to treat myself to a cookie or two and make it a nearly perfect day.


3 comments on “Treats

  1. I’m so pleased to see that you are still blogging (with words) and I hope that it’s helping you cope with loosing your beautiful Greyson and with the failed FET. I realise it’s difficult for you to come around my blog anymore and don’t expect you to do so, but I would like to peek in on you every once in a while and offer my support. We’ve been through something so terrible and I often feel guilty that I’m getting another chance when so many others haven’t gotten theirs yet. I hope the kittens bring you joy (and not too much trouble – kittens are such handfuls!) and I look forward to reading more. *hugs*

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