New Kittens

I brought home two kittens from my parents’ farm. They’ve had a lot of trouble with coyotes and sickness among the barn cats and after Stretch found one dead in the yard, I couldn’t help but take action. Both my nieces are very upset with me for taking two of “their” kittens away from the farm where they can visit everyday. I’m wondering just what I’ve done?  Clara B. Dog is definitely wondering the same?Am I on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady?     One vet visit and two hundred dollars later, I guess I’ve added two new members to our little furry family. Certainly cheaper and less trouble than donor egg IVF.

I’ve already been smiling all evening watching them play.

Any suggestions on names?


7 comments on “New Kittens

  1. I love cats and dogs – the one thing I enjoy beyond anything is seeing them interact together. My dogs back home in India are the sweetest most motherly creatures, they take a lot of care of any little kitten we bring in. Hope you have a lot of fun days with your furry family coming up! For me picking names is either really fast or takes a loong time- but eventually, it just comes to you!

  2. LOVE your kittens, and your joy!!! I can’t tell you how much pain my dog and cat have gotten me through, so I am all for this…hmmmm….I love thinking of names….You could go for paired names like “Salt and Pepper”? Can’t wait to see more pics and hear about all their antics!

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