24 Hours

Well, I’ve made it through the 24 hours of bedrest with my sanity in tact.

I think.

I was reading my blog entries from the time of my first transfer during which I was waiting for beta results.  Wow, I was a total basket case.  I’m not doing nearly the mental hand wringing I did then.

Hard though when all you have to do is lay around contemplating every twitch from uterustown.

But now the full feeling, which one could interpret as uterine stretching and implantation, is gone.  In my case it was probably just the full feeling the uterus gets whenever someone has shoved something up there.   At any rate, it felt exactly the same as my last cycle which we all know ended in a negative result.  And probably partially why I was so sure I was pregnant.  Haha uterus…twitch all you want, I’m not going to be fooled this time.

Not being too negative, I swear…still staying in the middle.

Worried about going back to “normal” activity tomorrow but so glad to be able to do something.  Too much reading and TV today.

Damn, why can’t there be a way to tell if they stuck sooner????


4 comments on “24 Hours

  1. I’m glad you kept your sanity. You’re right; don’t pay any attention right now to twinges or soreness. I agree. I wish it was like on TV when Phoebe from Friends found out the same afternoon.

  2. Hang in there.

    I wonder if the bed rest thing really helps or just makes us blame ourselves when things don’t work. My last clinic said it wasn’t necessary. I’m not sure what the new clinic says. I’ve read so many opposing opinions; I should probably ask.

  3. Hang in there, Paige. After my first FET failed (which I was sure would succeed, as my lining was great, nothing lost during the thaw, embies looked perfect), I was feeling VERY negative about my second FET. Hard to believe that the result of that second FET is going to be two years old in less than a month and a half.

    Don’t worry about returning to normal activity. None of my REs recommended bed rest. Think about it, fertiles get pregnant hanging from chandeliers (and drinking, and shooting up, etc.) Nothing you do or think is going to change the outcome (other than jabbing yourself with the PIO needles!). Hoping hard for you!

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