My Day

First, worried and worried and worried about “normal” activity today and whether I should or shouldn’t go up and down stairs.  And I reminded myself there’s hope.

Then, I tortured myself by reading articles about bedrest vs. no bedrest after IVF.  Turns out some studies show bedrest may result in a lower success rate.  Great…after just laid as though I was in a coma for two days.  And I also culled from the articles that unless you take repeated rides on a roller coaster, there’s nothing you can do to make successful or unsuccessful at this point.

Next, I decided I was going to threaten to shank my acupuncturist tomorrow if she didn’t tell me if I was pregnant or not from my pulse.  I hear they have great maternity care in prison.

After that, I jammed a long needle full of progesterone into my thigh and wondered why I am bothering.  I got a little angry as some of the progesterone dribbled out of the little hole.

Finally, I looked at new donors on my agency’s website.  Not that I’m really sure I could or should go forward if the Stragglers didn’t take.

Nothing like calling it over before the fat lady sings.

Or did I.

One comment on “My Day

  1. My opinion is that you can’t really do much to impact whether they stay or not. Of course, I’ll probably be freaking out in a month or so too. So, I’ll tell you to relax now and you tell me to relax in a month.

    I think you should just do things that make you feel good, so if that’s watch TV or go for a walk or read a book (stay away from the IVF articles) then so be it.

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