Negative Pee Stick

I showed up at the lab yesterday to get my beta drawn only to have the lady there tell me they didn’t “receive” the electronic order.  It was a few minutes after 4 so no one picked up the phone at my clinic.  Today the nurse at the clinic assured me it was sent.  They will resend it and I am to try again tomorrow.


I peed on a stick at 3:30 this morning and it was negative.

I’m not expecting anything different from further results.


6 comments on “Negative Pee Stick

  1. There’s still time, Paige. There. Is. Still. Time. You WILL have a baby, if not now then later but it WILL happen. I’m thinking of you and sending you as many positive vibes as I can.

  2. Just maybe, the delay was a good thing, because perhaps it coul be the difference between a negative and positive result?! That’s my hope and Im sticking with it.

  3. How many DPO are you? This early, a negative may change to a positive or stay negative, the odds are completely unpredictable.

    Hoping and praying for ya…

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