Two Things, Well, Three

Number 1: That other teacher had a video on her phone of her baby crawling and was insisting everyone (not me, thank God) watch it and of course they were obligated to ohh and ahh accordingly. I know because although I wasn’t part of the conversation (again thank God) I was close enough near by to hear it all. This means that my baby might have been crawling by now too. And that I hate her and her baby. And I hate myself for hating them.

Number 2: Today I received an email from my sperm bank asking me to take a survey on how I chose my donor. I haven’t heard from them in almost a year. I am a believer in signs. I do not think it is a coincidence that I received this email when I’m in the throes of trying to decide if I should chose a new sperm donor and go ahead. I mean…this could have come anytime in the last year, what are the chances that whoever is in charge of this thing sent it out today. The last part of the survey took me directly back to the sperm bank’s website. I admit to peeking at a few profiles. Don’t get excited…it was only a few and really only for curiosity’s sake.

OK….now I was just looking something up on a totally unrelated website and an advertisement for my fertility clinic was in the side bar of the site.

Coincidence? Or a sign? Vote now.


3 comments on “Two Things, Well, Three

  1. Oh Paige…you make me smile sometimes.

    I see you as a new and young spirit, trying to make sense of all this. Searching the universe to guide you, becoming astute to the signs around you. Sometimes becoming desperately dependent on the signs.

    Little Grasshopper…this is what I know: when I am still, the truth comes to me.

    You already know what the answer is. Now just go get it, girl.

    I think you are incredibly strong. This strength will serve you well as a mother. And no, I don’t see you as a martyr living solely for your parents (so please give that up, already). I see you as a mother. It is your life’s dream.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe that the truth finds a way to get to you when you have trouble seeking it from within. This is why often, when you need it the most, your little #5’s shine through to you.

    I have a couple of things that I want to share with you, that made me think of you tonight.

    First…this song:

    Second…this verse:

    Psalm 46:10

    :o) You still inspire me very much, Paige!

  2. Sometimes I totally don’t believe in signs and then something weird and strange happens and I’m sure it’s a sign. I think maybe they are guideposts to keep us moving. It really doesn’t hurt to look at the profiles it will help probably help the decision making process.

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