Signs or Lack Thereof

So if a random email is a “sign” to move forward….

what does it mean when the doctor does not call for your WTF phone consultation?

I don’t understand why I was so looking forward to this consult.
Or why I’m so glum about it not taking place.

This is the second time I haven’t gotten a phone consultation from this doctor when I was supposed to.

I’m sure it’s just some stupid glitch like the receptionist forgot to write down my area code or I wrote down the wrong appointment date…
but I just have to wonder if other things at this clinic fall through the cracks as well.

I’m sure you’re riveted (insert sarcastic tone here) so I’ll call the clinic tomorrow to see what’s the hizzy and keep you posted.


2 comments on “Signs or Lack Thereof

  1. Personally, I expect anyone in healthcare to be perfect and I don’t think it’s too much to ask. But now that I work in healthcare I realize that things do slip through the cracks and people can be careless (and sometimes they just don’t care enough). Oh I’m negative today. Yes, do call them tomorrow and make sure you make them feel bad.

  2. I’m sorry that you are running into all sorts of stumbling blocks with the consult, etc. I’m also sorry that I am catching up kind of backward. I can’t check wordpress from work and I’ve barely been on the computer at home at all recently. 😦 BUT I am still thinking of you always.

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