Sweet Pea Blossom

I did it! I finally got a tattoo.   I have to say that just having the appointment buoyed me up.   One  year ago today, we found out my much wanted and loved beyond belief Sweet Pea was a boy only to lose him 3 days later.  Sometimes I can’t believe I went through that.  Surely people don’t survive things like that.  But when I had thoughts about it this week, I quickly thought about this appointment and while it didn’t take the sadness away, it definitely distracted me.   I was very smiley  thinking about it today at school.

It was an amazing experience and I’m sure this won’t be my last one.   The tattoo artist was great and it didn’t even hurt as much as I thought it would.  But it did hurt plenty…toward the end my leg would randomly jerk a little with the pain.  I think the coloring is just awesome and I learned so much about tattooing.   The two guys there were fully inked, pierced and my artist had huge ear plugs.  I tried to act cool, like I had been in a tattoo parlor a hundred times before but seeing all that was a little intimidating but also felt a tad rebellious.  But then I’d giggle a little and get a smile from the artists.   They and I know that I’m not rebellious, I just finally had a good idea and a good reason and had found a good artist to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

The funniest part was when this guy came in and to show the tattoo artist his tattoo from two weeks ago.  I quickly knew something was “off” when he shows the tattoo and it was a miniature “Price Is Right” logo.  You know, from the game show.  I thought the guy might have some impairment but I knew it when he started talking about the game show knowing dates and talking about specific games and going on and on in great detail.  He was funny about it and the tattoo artist was so kind to him.  At one point he was reenacting one of the games on the show and the artists whispered to me “You know he’s there right now”  and it did seem that way.  He even did the Bob Barker inflections with his voice.  After he left the artist explained that he is sort of the harmless, happy neighborhood “character” that everyone in the community takes care of.

Of course I texted a pic to a few friends.  The best response was from my friend and co-worker, BS.  “Beautiful, so proud of you.  Our sweet pea forever”  For some reason, this brought me to pretty serious tears.  Funny how a small word like “our” can do that. I forget sometimes that I’m not alone in missing him.

I’m a little afraid to tell my Mom.  But in a funny way.  I know she’s been wanting a tattoo for years and has even drawn up sketches.  I don’t know what the word is for it….she will like it and be so so surprised and pleased I think but I bet she will say something negative about it.  We’ll see.


An added bonus is that this totally ups my street cred!


6 comments on “Sweet Pea Blossom

  1. You’ll be back there with mom so she can get a tattoo I’ll bet. It really is nice. Sound nice how they treated the price is right guy. I like when people are kind in that way it makes me feel good hearing about it.

  2. You”re braver than I am. I think about getting something small put on my hip, but I don’t have anything I want to commemorate and am afraid enough of the pain that I will probably wait a while. I’m glad you did it though and that it helped you through the day.

  3. Absolutely beautiful tattoo! Good for you! It’s addictive, getting ink! I agree with Evelyn, you’ll be back with your mom soon enough! I’m glad you found such a great artist too. It makes the experience so much better.

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