New Traditions

Mom and Dad have just gone home.  I guess we’ve started a Christmas Eve new tradition.  French onion soup here at my house and watching Meet Me in St. Louis which is my favorite Christmas movie.  We sort of started a few years ago when our traditional Christmas Eve with my dad’s family was postponed due to illness.  It worked out better for all the cousins and my brother who have spouses and children with other sides of the family to celebrate with so we kept it this way on subsequent years.

So I have an enjoyable and quiet evening with my parents.  It’s warm and cozy.  Dad dozes during the movie and Mom runs back and forth to the computer to keep up with her addiction game.  Mom and I quote different parts of the movie to each other and marvel at the clothes they wore in 1904.   We both love Judy Garland’s singing.

It is very different from the Christmas Eves of my childhood.

And so much different from what Christmas Eve should have been like with an 8 month old baby boy.

Merry Christmas, Sweet Pea.


5 comments on “New Traditions

  1. That sounded like a lovely Christmas Eve, I like that you have new traditions, and I hope that there will be more new traditions in the near future. xoxoxox

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