On My Mind In Bullets

NOT in order of importance:

  • The invitation arrived today.  I’m relieved, I think.  Now to go or not to go…that is the question.
  • C is having a hysterectomy tomorrow, three days in the hospital and a six week recovery
  • I’m a little sad she will no longer have the ability to have a baby.
  • Stretch and Dollface don’t have school tomorrow but I do.  I offered to take them to visit me at school for the day, but
  • Dollface has been complaining about her heart “pounding and pounding” and has to go get an EKG tomorrow.
  • I offered to take off work to take her but they arranged for the other aunt to do it.   Someone I don’t like but who ends up spending a lot of time with my little sweeties.
  • I want to help so badly but it seems like I keep getting shut out.
  • Clara B. Dog has a growth on her backside.   I have to get her in to the vet.
  • Can’t stop wondering which gracious soul out there sent me this gift.  “Greyson’s Mom”  It’s the most important thing I will ever be.  I just know it was a blog reader and I know I wouldn’t have survived the past year with out everybody here.
  • They tore down the “calf castle” this afternoon.  A little building for raising calves.  I happened to walk outside when it was going down.
  • Ever since I turned 40 my stomach makes the most outrageous noises after I eat.  My  motto has become “That was a gurgle, NOT a toot.”  Also, I get mascara on my shirt about twice a week since I turned 40.  I am convinced it’s some sort of seizure.  Either that or I’m simply drying up from the inside out….
  • This is my 29th day of exercising daily and my 21st binge free day.

3 comments on “On My Mind In Bullets

  1. Shortly after I turned 40 I realized I was lactose intolerant. I’m sure I was before 40 too, but just didn’t realize it.

    You rock on the exercising and not binging.

    I wish I was thoughtful enough to have given you the gift. It is beautiful.

  2. Congrats on the exercising and not binging!!!! You are doing such a fabulous job! Mentally I am inspired by you, but my body has not received the message yet. 🙂 Is C’s surgery medically necessary or elective? It seems a bit of a shock after her volunteering to be a surrogate for you. I understand your frustration with the other aunt helping with Dollface. I still worry about being replaced in Baby J’s life. Ok, too many bullets- if I respond to every one of them, it’d be a letter not a blog response. I hope your day goes well and that Dollface’s EKG is fine.

  3. You are rocking it Paige, this is going to be our year girl, I am telling ya, and there’s nobody I would rather share it with than you. 🙂 success is sweet. Keep taking care of number one!!!

    P.s. My stomach used to make all those weird gurgling noises too, I think it was the leaky gut or something, because since I have given up gluten and “healed” my gut, I never hear it anymore. Just something to think about, I can’t help you on the mascara though, I think I see mine in my phlegm, don’t ask. Xoxoxoxoxo

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