Little Things and Big Things

Well, it’s been quit crazy around here and I’ve been feeling equally crazy.  Boiling it down…all the small things went wrong but ended up ok and all the BIG things went RIGHT.

Small things:

  • There’s a mess up with one of my medications, the mail order pharmacy claims to have called and faxed my doctor multiple times and can’t get a response.  At this point, I’m supposed to take the last one the next day and become frantic I won’t get it refilled in time so I rip off a perturbed (but nice) email to my nurse who calls it in to my local pharmacy.
  • I did pick a sperm donor but in my fevered thinking wait to order it until close to the time I would need it.   Ummm… no dummy, YOU don’t need the sperm, they need it at the time of the DONOR’S retrieval.  I frantically call and try to have it overnighted but they tell me my dr’s authorization is out of date, they fax it to the doctor’s office.  The doctor’s office says they never got it.  It’s 30 minutes until they close and I’m frantic it won’t be taken care of in time.  I imagine this whole shooting match going down the drain because of my stupidity and CANNOT believe that as much time as I spent staring at calendars I’ve let this slip.  The nice receptionist works with me and I get the cryobank to email me the form and I email it to the nice receptionist.  She immediately sends it back and thank God this place is in California so we have a few more business hours to work with.
  • The traffic is terrible on the way to the blood draw/lining check.  Some asshole wouldn’t let me in and I miss my exit.  I have to pull into a parking lot and have a mini anxiety attack wondering what else is going to go wrong.
  • At the lab they have to stick me 3 times.  It is a stat test and if I come back later it would be too late.
  • The doctor’s office is a MAD HOUSE.  There are more people there than I have ever, in all my many visits, seen there.  I totally feel like part of the herd.  Herded in for a lining check and herded back out again.  I’m asked to wait afterwards because my nurse wants to talk to me.  I wait 30 minutes only to be told to keep my medication the same for the next day and when I ask she says she predicts the retrieval will be Friday or Saturday.  I didn’t even see the doctor but a technician instead.
  • The donor’s pharmacy calls and wants to me to buy $400 more of medication for her.  I don’t know anything about this, what the medication it is or WHY “we” need it.  They need payment NOW so they can ship it out right away.  I have many crazy thoughts about what could be going so wrong that she needs extra medication.
  • I have to cancel next week’s appointment with RK the counselor because of acupuncture.  I am totally barraged with anxious thoughts and not believing anything will go right.  I wonder if I’m truly going off the edge this time.  I desperately call Reiki Lady.


  • My medication is available at the local pharmacy and I do get it in time.
  • Sperm arrives on time.
  • I do make it to the lab and dr’s office on time.
  • She does get the blood on the third stick.
  • I have a 9mm lining at the time of the lining check.
  • The donor gets her medication on time.
  • Reiki Lady sees me the next day.   She reminds me how many hormones I’m shooting into my body and tells me what’s going on mentally does not match what’s going on physically.  She feels I’m “ready” physcally.  She does a PHENOMENAL job of calming me down and advising me about the future.  I can still feel the effects the next day (Friday) and am even able to send some good thoughts and prayers my donor’s way.


  • My superstar donor did so well that even the nurse sounded as though she couldn’t believe how many eggs were retrieved.  I can’t breathe for a few seconds but then I want to shout it to the sky.   I remind myself that quantity does not equal quality but I can’t stop smiling.

Please continue to pray for us.

12 comments on “Little Things and Big Things

  1. Oh, I hate the scramble of the little last minute details and how crazy they can make you… I’m glad it all worked out. I’m so glad to hear the donor performed well for you… just can’t believe you left us hanging! But I understand, share what you want to share. Praying you get a great fert report and strong embryo growth!! You’ll transfer next week?

  2. Oh my goodness! So much going on all at once, and all the hormones to make it all that more “interesting.” Sending you lots of good vibes and hoping the remaining steps go smoothly for you!!! To say I have all my fingers and toes crossed is an understatement!

  3. Fantastic news about your donor! Prayers that everything from here on out is smooth sailing. After the week you’ve had (weeks? months? years?), you definitely dereve it. Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Oh I’m praying for you like a…well like some metaphor that means I’m praying for you a lot! Glad everything worked out & you had such a great retrieval!

  5. P. sweetie, wow! So much going on. Glad to hear from you. Seriously glad about the “big things” that worked out well. Remember the hormones will drive you bonkers if you do not keep it all in perspective. I’m glad the donor did well. Praying there is plenty of quality to go with the quantity. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you little embryos begin and as you come to transfer.

  6. Wow, glad ever thing went well, sounds like a day when your nerves got a mack truck to drive all over them.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for fertilization!

  7. Sorry I’ve been such a lousy commenter, but I’ve been reading and thinking of you. Hoping so hard for this to be the one for you. You’re doing great with all this!

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