New 365?

I’m thinking about starting a new 365 project.  A weight loss 365 project.  I just don’t know where to do it.  I would really like to go back to my original blog since it’s already named Paige’s 365 and it would be cool to continue there for this and any other 365’s I may do in the future.  However, I’m not sure if a few of the yaya’s check in there from time to time and I’m way to ashamed to write about all the inner stuff as my weight problem is quite severe.  And forget about publishing actual numbers there.

I know I’m silly but I’d feel similar about posting those things here too.  Some of you have become such dear friends and I’m so embarrassed about how large I actually am.   I’m also afraid I’ll quit as I’ve done every other time I’ve attempted weight loss.  Clearly I have a deeper problem other than simple nutrition and exercise and I’m unsure of how average sized readers may react no matter how you may love me.   I don’t need advice telling me to eat less and move more…I know that already.  I need to delve deeper than that.  And as we saw last time I tried to combine blogs by putting the photos on my TTC/regulary life blog, I had to move the TTC portion here.

Starting a completely new blog for this 365?  I don’t know…I’m having enough trouble continuing to support the people I follow in the TTC/infertility community and I do feel badly about that.  A new blog would mean making time to read and support a new community.  PS>  I’m so sorry I’m not able to support you as I have in the past and as you continue to support me.  I keep thinking I’ll get back to reading and commenting but except for here and there I fall short.  Thanks for sticking with me despite my being a slacker.

So what do you think?

A.  Go back to Paige’s 365 for the weight loss project

B.  Do the weight loss 365 here

C.  Begin a completely new blog for this project.

(HEY…I just checked out my stats and it looks like there are a BUNCH of my peeps reading (thank you!)  if you don’t usually comment, please do here, this one time….I need your input!)


16 comments on “New 365?

  1. I don’t know that I have the answer. But I want you to proceed with whichever option you feel most comfortable with. I think it’s important that you take care of yourself and your health while feeling emotionally secure and safe.

    I don’t think you should worry about anyone not understanding your weight issues. If they can’t handle it, they probably aren’t the type of follower or friend that you need to support you anyway .

    Good luck.!

  2. I like Jen’s point about if they don’t understand, they are probably not the type of “supporter” you need anyway. I know that I can not check wordpress at work but can check blogger, hmmm. Can you start off with a public blog and then go private or even private pages, maybe? Evelyn somehow or other has her blogs connected. You know I will follow whichever way you do. 🙂

  3. I’ll follow & support you in whichever way you are most comfortable. IMO, a weight loss 365 may be better kept here or a new blog since, as you said, it’s a deeper thing than just eating & exercise. Being able to password protect or start a new blog that you can invite only those you want to may be best…your commenters on this blog seem to wholly support you without judgement & I’d want that if I were to reveal the darkest part of my weight issues.

  4. I think it is a wonderful idea to start a new 365 focused on weight loss. Please do not worry abut what others think, you need to do what makes you comfortable. One option that came to my mind is that perhaps you could PW protect the existing 365 blog once you start your new journey? Whatever you decide, I will be along to support you 🙂

  5. If it helps, and I would think it would, to let out the deepest parts of your weight then do it in a place where you feel safe. You seem to here and you do have the ability to lock posts so that could keep you from having to start something new. Either way I’ll follow you.

  6. I love this idea. I wonder if you can create a community so others can join you.

    Oh, and I don’t care how much you weigh aside from the fact that I want to you be healthy and love yourself. I’ll know love you big or small and I’ll be there to support you along the way.

    I preferred doing my 365 on a separate blog. I do like the idea of using your old blog. You could always represent your weight in a dfferent way such as percent lost or pounds lost or don’t even use numbers. What you do will be more important than the numbers anyway. But if you are going to delve into emotional things though, you may want to keep it from IRL friends.

  7. I would tell you to do what you’re comfortable with, but I know that it’s pretty much impossible to feel comfortable about any issues surrounding weight. So I think it’s more a matter of doing what you feel ready to do. It took me a very long time to reach that readiness state with my own weight, so I know it’s not as simple as telling someone to just do it.

    Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to do it, I will support you and cheer you on. 🙂

  8. Paige—I agree that you should do what you feel comfortable with, but personally I would vote to do the weight loss right here where you have supporters who care about you. Mary

  9. Ditto the others and what Jen said – not friends if it matters. From endo treatments to hormones, I have gained over 120lbs. Yeah! I also managed an injury that seriously damaged both knees so walking is about all I can do. If you want to get together time and again and have a (slow & steady) walk/b!tch session – I’m your girl! 🙂

  10. After reading everyone’s comments, I think you have a lot to think about. I love the idea of another 365 project. I think making it a weightloss project is even better. I know you’re embarrassed of how much you weigh, but the point of the project is to delve deeper into yourself and develop a better relationship with food. Getting healthy is the result of the hard work accomplished in your project. I would follow you if you were a stick figure or if you were an elephant or anything in between. You are a wonderful woman with a whole lot going on in your life. This is your group therapy and we’re all here to support and love you.

    You need to make the best decision for yourself and what ever decision you make I will support 100%.

    Just a thought….is there a way to make your old blog private? I know some of the people I follow in the IF community have made their blogs private. I don’t really know what that means, but I know you have to be invited and use a different link to find them.

    I wish I lived closer, I would join you and Raining Sunshine on your walks/bitch sessions…..I’m in desperate need of friends to get out of the house with! Good luck and remember we’re all here to support you no matter what!

  11. I agree with others – your blog is your space and we are all here to support you. That said, it’s sometimes not possible to write all that you want to, when everything is open. If you wanted to keep with your 365 blog, maybe protect the entries you would rather keep to a select, known few?
    I’d follow you whereever, should you chose to let me!

  12. I say do what your most comfortable with – big help huh?

    I am VERY overweight. Based on your pictures, significantly more than you, and I decided recently to start a weight loss blog as well. I started a new one, on another blog site and won’t say anything that can identify me, as I want to be as honest as possible, but I would be too embarassed for someone I know to read. So…I totally understand your feelings.

  13. I don’t know the answer for you but I will support you in whatever you decide. If you will not be comfortable doing it on your old blog, due to your readership, then you will likely not be as open as you need to be, given the sensitivity of a weight loss 365. Something to ponder.

    As for reading/supporting… I hear & understand you. I expect it is difficult for you to read my blog since my early delivery had a different result than you experienced… and I am having a hard time reading others who are either blissfully unaware during their pregnancy or in their 3rd trimester which we never got the opportunity to experience either. It’s all a matter of what each of us have been through. And it’s okay. The community understands.

  14. As a “plus size” person myself, your size had actually been one of the things that drew me to your blog initially. I was very concerned about going through attempting to become a mother in my late 40’s, with my weight issues (I weigh 273 btw). I was also single when I started out trying, but that changed.
    I personally am not on a weight loss path at the moment, so wouldn’t be drawn to a blog that was exclusively about that right now. I do know tho that writing a blog can be a wonderful tool, I have actually had a weight loss blog, as well as my blog about trying to have a baby. I love just reading about you, all your different aspects, internal processes and day to day life. You are a good writer, and a beautiful, real, person.

  15. Post here! I feel like you are more comfortable being honest here. I definitely want to read about your journey. Maybe it will help me with mine.

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